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Which Camera - and how to use it!

Which Camera - and how to use it!

If you're new to photography, or even if you've been shooting for a while, but you have never really grasped the basics, this beautifully written magazine will explain everything you need to know. Peter Eastway takes readers of all levels through all those questions you wanted answered but were too afraid to ask - or struggled to find on Google! Everything from the type of camera you want to buy, to basic camera techniques and settings, to successfully photographing some common subjects and then using your images creatively. And best of all, this $19.95 publication is provided to you for just $1. We'll even give you a money back guarantee - so what have you got to use. Buy it now!

Magazine contains 74 pages which can be read online or downloaded to your device for offline consumption!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $1.00