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Lightroom Atelier (Online Course)

Lightroom Atelier (Online Course)

There are ten chapters with a total of 24 separate movie presentations. The movies can be played as often as required on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone - the Lightroom Atelier has been designed to be multi-platform. It also now features a lesson on using the new masking system in Lightroom.



Catalogs, Ingesting, Pushing the Limits


Mastering the Basic Panel.

Dynamic Range

Comprehensive shadow and highlight control.


Photoshop-like creative control.


More Photoshop-like Masking Control.

Fine Brushwork

Enhancing the Eyes, Small Masks.


Constructive Colour Control


Fertile Clarity and Dehaze Techniques.

Stitching & HDR

Fine Tuning Stitching and HDR.


Uncommon transformations and perspective control.

A subscription lasts a lifetime - subscribe once and you have access forever. 

There are lots of tutorials about using Lightroom, but only the Lightroom Atelier explains in detail exactly how Peter Eastway uses Lightroom as part of his creative process. Yes, Peter is a master of Photoshop, but in this Atelier he explains how many of his Photoshop techniques (such as the use of layers) can be replicated in Lightroom.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $95.00