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PP Complete Photo Business Package

PP Complete Photo Business Package

There are a lot of people offering great advice on how to run a professional photography business, so what makes this package different?

Perhaps the main difference is it's written from a background of extensive practical experience. Peter Eastway is not only a highly regarded professional photographer, he has a background in business and accountancy (he is a qualified CPA), and he has years of experience working as a writer and publisher. He knows how to earn a living from photography, many of his accounting clients are successful professional photographers, and he can write and communicate business issues in an easy to understand style.

So when you read the Photo Business handbook, you can feel assured the advice is real, qualified and practical. And it comes with a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk.

The Complete Photo Business Package comprises six publications. Have a read of the contents to understand why this is the information you need to break into professional photography.


What You Need To Know To Be A Successful Professional Photographer

So, Do You Really Want To Be A Full-Time Professional Photographer?
Professional Photography Has Two Words 
Business = Manners 
What Photography Skills Do You Need? 
What Photography Equipment Do You Need? 
What Business Skills Do You Need? 
What Type of Photography Will You Shoot? 
Who Are Your Clients Going To Be? 
How Will You Find Your First Clients?
How Will Your Clients Find You? 
Have You Done A Practice Shoot Yet? 
Why Should Someone Hire You? 
What Products & Services Will You Offer? 
What End Of The Market Do You Want To Work In? 
Do You Need A Flash Car And Studio? 
Creating A Portfolio With A Difference 
What Does Your Portfolio Look Like? 
What Will Your Clients See On Your Website? 
What Design Will You Use?
What Stationery Do You Need?
Some Sample USPs 
Getting You First Portrait
First Wedding 
First Commercial Shoot 
Charging $200 An Hour Is Different From Earning It 
How Much Do You Want To Earn A Year? 
How Much Can You Charge? 
How Many Jobs Do You Need A Year? 
Does It Matter If You Don’t Charge Enough?
Who Owns The Copyright? 
How Does Licensing Work? 
Insurances For Photographers 
Working With Children 

Professional Portrait Photography In Detail

Setting Up A Portraiture Business 
Portraiture: Equipment Suggestions 
Portraiture: Suggested Lighting Techniques 
Portraiture: Shoot List 
Portraiture: Can You Just Sell Digital Files? 
Portraiture: Why Selling Physical Products Is Better 
Portraiture: Files For Social Media 
Portraiture: Price List 
Portraiture: Client Information Pack 
Portraiture: Money Back Guarantee? 
Portraiture: The Sales Process 
Portraiture: Benchmark Prices 

Professional Wedding Photography In Detail

Setting Up A Wedding Photography Business
Weddings: Equipment Needs 
Weddings: Post-Production 
Weddings: The Shoot List 
Weddings: What Are You Selling? 
Weddings: Can You Make Money Selling Digital Files? 
Weddings: Making Shoot-And-Burn Work 
Weddings: Offering More Than Shoot-And-Burn 
Weddings: The Price List 
Weddings: Booking Your Clients 
Weddings: The Paperwork

Commercial & Landscape Photography In Detail

Setting Up As A Commercial Photographer
Commercial: Equipment
Commercial: Lighting 
Commercial: Quotes and Estimates 
Commercial: Terms and Conditions 
Commercial: Bits and Pieces 
Landscapes: The Big Picture 
Landscapes: Marketing Landscape Photographs 
Landscapes: Equipment 
Landscapes: What Will You Photograph? 
Landscapes: Limited Edition Prints 
Stock Photography

Business Planning For Professional Photographers

This is a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of creating a business plan. You don't need a business plan? Well, a business plan is the difference between successful professional photographers and those who struggle to make a living.
Business planning needn't be scary and this publication is an interactive PDF, meaning you can read the instructions and then fill in the 12 worksheets on your computer. The worksheet templates will also help you calculate important figures such as how much you need to earn, how many jobs you need a week and how much you need to charge. It's an essential part of being in business and this publication makes it really easy.

Business Planned: What A Plan Might Look Like

And just in case you're not sure, we've filled in a business plan to show you what it looks like. No, this isn't a plan that you can just put into practice, but it shows you exactly how to complete the templates in your own business plan.

The Photo Business Handbook package covers all the basics for running a successful photography business. It will give you a strong foundation so when you do other courses or workshops, the photography, marketing and selling skills you learn will work properly.

It doesn't matter how good a photographer you are, being a professional photographer is all about running a business.

You'd easily pay thousands of dollars at workshops or with accountants to obtain this quality of advice, so why is this package so inexpensive?

"The profession of photography has changed dramatically and there are many people entering it for the first time. Unfortunately, most of these new photographers are unaware of what is required to run a successful business, or indeed of the value of the photographs they create.

"With my accounting background, I know what they need to do. I have been giving the same advice to photographers for over 30 years and while the nature of photography has changed completely, the underlying basics of running a business remain the same.

"The more people who understand these basic principles, the better it is for all of us."

All our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason.

iPad Users: All of our eBooks can be easily read, but the interactive nature of the Business Planning book may not be available (but we live in hope that it may happen soon). You may need to use this publication on a laptop or desktop, or print it out. In fact, we recommend printing it out anyway - a business plan is best printed at some stage!



Duration: Lifetime
Price: $149.95