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Here is a summary of the 18 Landscape Photography MasterClasses and each MasterClass also has a Critique session as well! In addition, there are two reference sections, one on capture techniques (bracketing, stitching, focus stacking, understanding depth-of-field etc); and a second on understanding Photoshop's layers and how to use them (step-by-step).








1. Sheep, New Zealand;
2. Monte Fitz Roy, Patagonia

Which Cameras Are Best for Landscapes?

Patagonia, South America

Potential Markets for Landscape Photos

Basic RAW Processing Technique


1. Tatev Monastery, Aremenia;
2. Mount Nemrut, Central Turkey

The Best Lenses For Landscapes

Favourite Places In Turkey

How To Price Your Landscape Prints

Darkening & Lightening With Soft Light


Cape Palliser, New Zealand

What Is The Best Aperture To Use?

Favourite Places in South West USA

Creating Landscape Prints For Sale

Multiple RAW Conversion Technique


Cappella di Vitaleta, Tuscany, Italy

Camera Support For Maximum Clarity

Favourite Places In Italy

Publishing A Book of Landscapes

Luminosity Masking Technique


Elephant Island (Iceberg At Sea)

Camera Bags - Sensible Approaches

Central Spain for Castles

Publishing A Book - How Finances Work

Colour Balance – Getting It Right


Pilbara Storm, Western Australia

Landscape Photography Accessories

The Pilbara, Western Australia

Presentation: Why It’s So Important

Local Contrast – Two options in Photoshop


Steeple Jason, Falkland Islands

Colour Temperature & How It Works

Easter Island, Pacific Ocean

Setting Up Your Own Website

Vignetting – How It Can Improve Images


Nevis Tree, South Island, New Zealand

Correct Exposure And The Histogram

Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

Setting Up An Exhibition

Lab Color - Full Control in Photoshop


Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, USA

Using The Light For Landscapes

Shooting The Pyramids, Egypt

Shooting For Books & Magazines

Nik Software - Using Viveza Plug-in


Oxer Lookout, Karijini, Western Australia

How To Stitch Panoramas

Hamilton Island, Australia.

Limited Edition Print Sales

Photomerge For Stitching


Segovia Castle, Central Spain

Archival Landscape Prints

Queenstown, New Zealand

Computer Power - Do You Need More?

Channels for Hue/Sat Adjustments


Great Barrier Reef, Australia

How To Shoot Aerial Landscapes

Ancient Ani, Eastern Turkey

Landscape Print Sales Paperwork

Making Selections In Photoshop


Western Macdonnells, Central Australia

Composition Part 1: Subject Matter

Amazing Papua New Guinea

Print Sizes And Surfaces

Sharpening In Photoshop


St Gregory’s, Ani, Eastern Turkey

Composition Part 2: Framing & Cropping

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Shooting Landscapes That Sell

Black & White Conversions


Weano Gorge, Karijini National Park

Composition Park 3: Viewpoint

Cruising For Landscapes

Getting Photos Published With Words

Focus Stacking (Helicon Focus)


Clinging Tree, Dales Gorge, Karijini

Composition Part 4: Placing The Horizon

Reaching Your Destination

Do You Need A Business Plan?

Lightroom Catalogs for Landscapes


Ishak Pasha – The Mosque Behind

Composition Part 5: Centre of Interest

Scotland & The Isle Of Skye

Which Photo Editing Software?

Big Black & White - Punchy Landscapes


Stirling Ranges, South Western Australia

Composition Part 6: Rule of Thirds

Antarctica & The Southern Islands

Where To Now That You’ve Finished?

High Pass Filter For Landscapes With Pop!

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