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Travel Photography Primer

Travel Photography Primer

The Travel Photography Primer is a combination portfolio/how-to publication by Peter Eastway. Currently only available as an eBook, you can read it in the same way as a Better Photography magazine subscription, either online on this website or you can download the PDF for storage and viewing on your computer, tablet or personal device.

In the Travel Photography Primer, Peter shares a range of incredibly useful ideas and tips that he has carefully gathered over 40 years of travelling the world, from how to capture great travel photographs to doing something meaningful with your photographs when you return home. It's full of practical advice and includes a portfolio of some of his favourite travel photographs as well.

The content includes: 

Plan A Project For Your Travel Photos

Will You Shoot Personal, Documentary Or Fine Art?

Will You Make A Video Presentation?

Writing A Travel Journal

Why Captions Are Important For Travel Photography

Don’t Forget To Photograph Your Ship / Car / Train

Don’t Forget! Make an Equipment List

Cabin Baggage – Do You Feel Lucky?

If You Could Only Have One Lens For Travel?

If You Could Only Have Two Lenses For Travel?

The Three Best Lenses for Travel Photography

The Best Portrait Lensesfor Travel Photography

Shooting Travel And Wildlife? What’s The Best Lens?

Rain Covers and Shower Caps for Travel Photographers

Camera Straps - Keeping Your Camera Ready For Travel

Do You Need A Tripod For Travel Photography?

Best Camera Settings For Travel Photography? 36

Shooting Aerials At Key Travel Locations

Photographing Travel From The Hip

Do You Need Flash For Travel Photography?

Useful Filters For Travel Photography

What Is The Best Camera Design For Travel Photography?

Should Stills Photographers Shoot Video for Travel?

Should You Shoot Both Stills And Video While Travelling?

What Is The Best Camera Bag For Travel Photography?

Does the ISO Setting Matter for Travel Photography?

What Are The Best Camera Settings For Travel Photography?

Shooting In The Rain For Travel Photographers

Shooting At Night At Key Travel Locations

Be Aware of Social Issues When Travelling

Overcome Shyness & Photograph Your Travel Guides

Photographing People You Meet While Travelling

Should You Photograph Children While Travelling?

Should You Pay To Take Photographs Of People?

Is It Okay To Photograph People From A Distance?

Using People for Perspective and Context In Travel

Early Morning Walks For Travel Photographers

Are These the Best Apps for Travel Photographers

Is GPS Essential for Travel Photographers?

Do you need a Laptop or an iPad for Travel Photography?

Back-Up Safety Processes For Travel Photographers

File Management Practices For Travel

File Naming for Travel Photography

How To Edit A Travel Shoot

How To Process A Travel Shoot

How Will AI Impact Travel Photography?

Travel Photography Shootlist

The Travel Photography Primer is available for just $19.90. We accept Paypal and after payment, access is immediate.

NB: We also offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason. Some of the content has been previously published in Better Photography magazine. Finally, please don't share this publication - gently suggest to your friends that they purchase their own copy so I can afford annual trips to the North Pole with my family!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: AUS $19.90