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Polar Photography Primer

Polar Photography Primer

The Polar Photography Primer is a combination portfolio/how-to publication by Peter Eastway. Currently only available as an eBook, you can read it in the same way as a Better Photography magazine subscription, either online on this website or you can download the PDF for storage and viewing on your computer, tablet or personal device.

In the Polar Photography Primer, Peter answers many of the common questions photographers have when they visit Antarctica or the Arctic on a ship. It's full of practical advice such as keeping your gear safe and how to make the most of what are amazing photographic opportunities. It also includes some simple suggestions to improve your post-production, how to produce your own portfolio or photobook, and there's a portfolio of some of his favourite polar photographs as well.

The content includes: Keeping Your Camera Safe, Using Your Existing Bag? Hard Waterproof Cases, Dry Bag Backpacks, Condensation & Other Things, Your Clothing, What Equipment? Correct Exposure In The Snow, Keep An Eye On Shutter Speeds, Invisible Editing, The Use of Brushes, Don’t Darken The Horizon Too Much, Vignette What Is Already There, Many Small Adjustments, Not A Big One; Don’t Lighten, Darken Everything Else, Processing The Portfolio Images, What Are You Going To Show? Creating Your Own Portfolio, A Portfolio of... What? How Will You Present Your Portfolio? How Many Photographs Is Best? Titles, Introductions and Credits Captions, Headings and Folios Sizing, Borders, Backgrounds... Multi-purposing Your Work, and finally a series of Peter's favourite polar photographs.

The Polar Photography Primer is available for just $19.90. We accept Paypal and after payment, access is immediate.

NB: Subscribers to Better Photography will be able to find much of the material in this eBook already published in the back issues of their subscription. We also offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason. Some of the content has been previously published in Better Photography magaizine. Finally, please don't share this publication - gently suggest to your friends that they purchase their own copy so I can afford annual trips to the North Pole with my family!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: AUS $19.90