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Aerial Photography Primer

Aerial Photography Primer

The Aerial Photography Primer is a combination portfolio/how-to publication by Peter Eastway. 

In the Aerial Photography Primer, Peter answers all the common questions photographers have when they begin to take aerial photographs. It's not written with the drone photographer in mind, but focuses on shooting. from a plane, helicopter or even a balloon. However, aspect of the book are relevant to aerial photography no matter how you get your camera into the air!

The content includes: The Art of Aerial Photography, The Flying Machines, Seating Positions, Thinking About Shutter Speeds, Camera Settings, Camera issues During Flight, How To Focus, Lenses For Aerials, Luggage And Attire, Shooting Posture and Trust, Post-Production and an example edit. Finally, a series of Peter's favourite aerials with an explanatory caption to round out the eBook.

The Aerial Photography Primer is available for just $19.90. We accept Paypal and after payment, access is immediate.

NB: We also offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason. Some of the content has been previously published in Better Photography magaizine. Finally, please don't share this publication - gently suggest to your friends that they purchase their own copy so I can afford annual trips to the Bermuda with my family!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: AUS $19.90