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PP Business Planning For Photographers

Business Planning For Professional Photographers

This is a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of creating a business plan.

You don't need a business plan? Well, a business plan is the difference between successful professional photographers and those who struggle to make a living.
Business planning needn't be scary and this publication is an interactive PDF, meaning you can read the instructions and then fill in the 12 worksheets on your computer. The worksheet templates will also help you calculate important figures such as how much you need to earn, how many jobs you need a week and how much you need to charge. It's an essential part of being in business and this publication makes it really easy.

Business Planned: What A Plan Might Look Like

And just in case you're not sure, we've filled in a business plan to show you what it looks like. No, this isn't a plan that you can just put into practice, but it shows you exactly how to complete the templates in your own business plan.

The Business Planning for Professional Photographers comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

We recommend you purchase the Photo Business Handbook as well, in which case you are better off purchasing the Complete Photo Business Package which includes both at a discounted price.

For the iPad and some tablets, the Business Planning publication may not offer you the interactivity that will be found on a normal Windows or Apple computer.



Duration: Lifetime
Price: $99.95