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How To Win Photo Competitions!

How To Win Photo Competitions!

Written by award winning photographer and international photography judge Peter Eastway, this eBook is full of tips and advice to improve your photography to competition standard. The book covers many aspects of competition from the philosophy behind entering competitions, how you should gauge your results, through to practical advice on camera and post-production techniques that will have you capturing award-winning photographs. The book finishes with an insight into how photography competitions work, plus a series of award winning images are analysed for what made them attractive to the judges.

This is an eBook  and you will need Adobe Reader (Acrobat) to view it. You can view it on your computer monitor, laptop, iPad or phone, and you can print it out if you wish to. It is over 90 pages and full of photographs and illustrations to help you understand and master the creating of award winning photographs.

The book has actually been designed to read on the iPad horizontally, and is also easy to read on any computer screen, of course!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $29.95

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