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Is there a specific order for viewing the content?

The courses can be viewed in numerical order - and this is a good idea because sometimes content in later chapters builds on what has already been covered. However, there's nothing stopping you from looking around and picking out something that appeals to you right now. After all, the subscription lasts a lifetime, so you can really view the content in any order you wish.

Can I view a course more than once?

You can view the content as many times as you like. In fact, we would recommend that some of the lessons should be watched two or maybe three times to ensure you understand them. Don't be shy! It took Peter years to wrap his head around all this stuff, so if it takes you a couple of viewings to catch on, you're doing really well!

How long does a subscription last?

Subscriptions last a lifetime - meaning you subscribe once and then you have access forever. You can also download much of the content for storage on your own device and for offline viewing - but we request that it is only used by you personally. If others wish to view the content, we'd encourage them to purchase their own copy (family members and close friends excepted, of course!)

How long will it take to complete the course?

The time it takes to view and learn the content is completely up to you, the student. You can binge watch everything, which isn't a bad idea because you can always return to review and refresh your memory at any time. Others might like to do a chapter or video each day or each week, but we would encourage you to make a plan to go through the entire program. For instance, one chapter a week would be a good starting point!

How Do I View The Content?

All the content can be viewed online and movies can also be downloaded to your computer or device for off-line use. We use a content management system that restricts access to the content unless you have a valid subscription, but the first chapter in each subscription can be viewed for free!

Can I view on my phone or tablet?

This site has been optimised for all platforms - meaning you can access the content using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If using a tablet or smartphone, consider turning your device on its side to maximise the image area.

How Do I Subscribe?

Click on the Subscriptions menu item on the left and you will be taken to our Subscriptions page. Choose the subscription you're interested in and follow the prompts to make payment using Paypal (which also allows you to pay with Visa or MasterCard). After payment is confirmed, you will have immediate access to the content.

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